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Training Workshops organised in Malta with project partners and National Representatives of non-EU countries

In the framework of the QuietMED project two Training Workshops were organised in Malta between 22nd and 25th October with all project partners to share best practices and to build skills on underwater marine noise monitoring in the Mediterranean Sea Region. The QuietMED consortium includes: CTN (Coordinator), IEO and UPV from Spain, SHOM from France, ISPRA from Italy, IZVRS from Slovenia, IOF from Croatia, University of Malta from Malta, FORTH from Greece and ACCOBAMS which is responsible for coordinating cetacean conservation in the region.

On the morning of the first day, we organised the Technical Meeting of the project. The day concluded with Training Workshop 1 with experts from National Research Institutes of non-EU countries about underwater noise monitoring. The workshop aimed at addressing practical aspects related to the implementation of a regional monitoring programme for underwater noise.

On the 23rd, some partners shared their feedback from the QuiteMED pilot projects, for instance the University of Malta presented the results of their pilot project. In the afternoon, we organised a Practical Training course where the Marine Technology Centre, as Coordinator of the project, showed the participants the advantages of using the joint register of impulsive underwater noise in the Mediterranean Sea Region.
For further information, please visit the section “Map” and play!: Impulsive Noise Register in the Mediterranean Sea Region

The Training Workshop 2 took place the next day with the participation of national representatives from non-EU countries involved in the Ecap Process. The goal of the session was to inform decision-makers on the needs and tools for underwater noise monitoring, including how to register underwater noise data. All participants partook on this practical session that contributed to identify common grounds and differences in the field of underwater noise in their respective countries as well as to find key stakeholders in the region.

The Workshops organised in Malta also sought to increase coordination with non-EU countries such us Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Israel and Montenegro.

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quietMED is a project funded by DG Environment of the European Commission. 

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