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The joint register of impulsive underwater noise in the Med Region will allow the assessment of D11C1
For the MSFD implementation, the reporting and monitoring of impulsive underwater noise events is a requirement in national and regional monitoring programmes on D11.

The Commission Decision (EU) 2017/848 define the criterion D11C1-Anthropogenic impulsive sound in water as: the spatial distribution, temporal extent, and levels of anthropogenic impulsive sound sources do not exceed levels that adversely affect populations of marine animals.

One of the main results of the QUIETMED project is the development of a web-GIS site as a joint tool to provide and to share information regarding anthropogenic impulsive sound in water in support of the implementation of the second cycle of the MSFD in the Mediterranean Sea Region.

This portal developed by CTN provides a tool that will be used by national authorities, universities, NGOs, and all the stakeholders involved in D11C1 the for the calculation of the spatial distribution and the temporal extent of D11C1 in an intuitive and easy way. Visit the section “Map” and play!: Impulsive Noise Register in the Mediterranean Sea Region

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quietMED is a project funded by DG Environment of the European Commission. 

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